A new step forward in the world of cryptocurrency

EVEN, the fast, secure and decentralized cross-chain platform

protection against loss at the protocol level
for transfers
Fast transactions
100 000
operations per second
Profit of up to
per year for master-nodes
is a cross-chain platform with a financial services ecosystem.
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Cryptocurrency users have lost more than $3 billion from hacker attacks, loss of keys, and theft. EVEN solves the problem of how to store digital assets, and provides a simple and secure way of transferring digital assets between blockchains.

Problems affecting

the cryptocurrency market and the financial sector

Financial losses in particular affect the vast majority of funds that are stored with centralized services, which regularly lose their clients' money.

The following difficulties are currently facing the blockchain and cryptocurrencies: the current platforms are slow; currencies are volatile; transactions and smart contracts are expensive; transactions are performed in accordance with opaque and insecure models; and there is a high entry threshold for new users.

There are a multitude of protocols : the number of blockchain platforms is growing, which makes the question of how they should interact with each other increasingly complex. The lack of a single interface for the various protocols limits the development of the market.

The EVEN platform is the best solution.

EVEN Exchange
Enjoy secure trading on a protected and decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. You will not lose your money, even if the platform is hacked or compromised by third parties.
Your go-to solution for trading and Internet payments. It also provides you with a non-volatile place that is backed by real assets to deposit your funds. Fiat-currency funds are held at partner banks that have been integrated into the platform under general terms, including a security deposit for full insurance coverage.
EVEN Remittance
Zero fees for internal transfers, in combination with a broadly distributed network of partners, gives you the ability to transfer money safely, comfortably and for free.
EVEN Escrow
Purchasing real estate, facilitating b2b transactions, and concluding private contracts: all of these transactions can be conducted at the software level without intermediaries due to EVEN's ability to draft smart contracts and the integration with the banking system and services.
EVEN Trust
The EVEN technology allows you to securely deposit funds in all of the cryptocurrencies that have been integrated into the platform. Private keys remain with you.
Make day-to-day purchases using conventional plastic cards with automatic conversion of cryptocurrency-denominated funds into your national currency.
EVEN Wallet
Ensure the security of your cryptocurrency funds by storing them in EVEN Wallet. Make quick cross-chain transfers, pay no fees, and use the cold storage function.
EVEN Emission
Create your own tokens and tie them to real assets simply and conveniently by using EVEN Emission.
EVEN Store
Make money on your own decentralized applications that you develop on the EVEN platform

Enjoy secure trading on a protected and decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. You will not lose your money, even if the platform is hacked or compromised by third parties.

Low fees:
0,1% exchange fee
0% transaction fee
High Speed
100 000 operations per second.
Protection against interference by third parties
Security is provided by blockchain technology and by the fact that deposits are backed up using real assets, which are used as security deposits and work at the protocol level.
High liquidity
Is achieved through agreements with market makers, a referral program, low fees, secure operation, and a familiar interface.
Open service API
External services can utilize all of the advantages of the EVEN platform and the liquidity of the EVEN Exchange for their own purposes
Loyalty program
up to a 100% refund guarantee for fees that are paid into the system
up to 50% of the funds
3-tier loyalty program in which members are paid bonus fees for each client that they refer
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For Traders

EVEN is a secure tool that allows you to make trades using your own digital assets quickly and conveniently. Pay low fees on the market while receiving all the conveniences of centralized services and the security of decentralized solutions.

For Users

Users can enjoy all of the benefits of the platform even without understanding the technical principles that power it: make secure, quick and free transfers, exchange cryptocurrencies, and use decentralized services.

For miners and master nodes

The EVEN platform provides everyone with the ability to become a part of it. Master nodes, just like miners, provide the computing power and funds that maintain the service. They earn money from the transactions that are completed on the platform. Thus, system participants make a profit.

How it works

The platform works on the basis of a distributed repository of security deposits.

  • The order book is located on the P2P network.
  • Security is ensured by collecting security deposits, which are made by the master nodes in the EVEN cryptocurrency.
  • Transactions are initiated by EVEN network users and are written to the blockchain by the master nodes.
  • This repository works on the basis of the unique Decentralized Security Deposit (DsD) consensus algorithm that was developed by the team at the EVEN Foundation.
  • The platform infrastructure is provided by a P2P network of master nodes, which are the nodes of the other blockchains.
The EVEN Foundation is responsible for the technical and strategic development of the platform as well as for providing customer service and technical support.


Q2 2017
Formation of the concept
  • The team had the objective of creating a solution that would meet the requirements of the professional trader market, this solution was to be competitive and guarantee the safety of the stored funds. Understanding the problem from the inside (some team members suffered losses from working on CEX), it was decided to use the blockchain technology, to overcome the problems associated with the safe storage of funds.
Q3 2017
Validation of the concept
  • Mathematical and economic system modeling was made. As a result of negotiations with representatives of centralized and decentralized stock exchanges, as well as experts in the cryptocurrency market and banking services, the original concept underwent major changes, the team gathered enough material for the formation of the White Paper.
Q3 2017
White Paper v 1.0
  • The White Paper was formed, the team expanded through personal investments. The project moved to the active stage of concept definition and preparation for the development start
Q1 2018
  • The evenfound.org website is launched, the public version of the White Paper, the opportunity to take part in the development of the project, and the ability to purchase tokens at the initial price is introduced.
Q3 2018
  • Development of a prototype product that is not a viable solution from the point of view of an end-user, the solution will reflect a number of key product features, have full implementation of block building and consensus building on the basis of DPoS, as well as protection of stored assets by the DSD algorithm.
Q4 2018
Alpha version
  • At this stage, EVEN DEX will receive an additional set of tools to create a minimally viable product (MVP). EVEN DEX will still operate in a test environment.
Q2 2019
Beta version
  • The beta version of EVEN DEX, will not have significant additions to the product, this stage is designed to search for and correct possible errors, critical vulnerabilities and in-depth testing of the system involving a wide range of participants. The system still works on test blockchains
Q3 2019
Pre-release version
  • After fixing all the errors found, and getting a stable version of the product, the real issue of tokens on the EVEN blockchain unit will be made, all the blockchains integrated into the system will be transferred from the test to the regular network. At the stage of pre-release, the system can still detect errors, the probability of critical vulnerabilities is extremely small, but to limit risks, restrictions on the input of funds from one account will be introduced.
Q4 2019
  • Full product launch. Artificial restrictions withdrawall

Co-founders: 6

An international team with extensive R&D experience at computer vision, as well as managing a high-tech international business.

Ruslan Tsechoev

Role: technology management and development
Exp: Entrepreneur, development and management of IT projects for 9 years (Agora, B2B-Center, Digital Solutions)
Other: 30 y.o., 9 years in IT experience

Alexander Kuzin

Role: business development of the product
Exp: Entrepreneur, business development of IT products and partner networks for 11 years (Agora, AcquiroPay, Alfa Insurance)
Other: 34 y.o., 10 years in strategic development

Anton Ivanov

Role: product and marketing strategy
Exp: Entrepreneur, creation and management of products for 10 years (Agora, B2B-Center, Yota)
Other: 34 y.o., 12 years in IT

Grigoriy Mozharovskiy

Role: technical product architecture
Exp: Entrepreneur, low-level programming and architecture for 13 years Quizart, Digital Solutions, trading
Other: 34 y.o., 16 years in development experience

Shuhrat Djuraev

Role: legal and financial management
Exp: Serial entrepreneur, co-founder of CRYPTANIA, financial services and credits, finteсh, venture investment, blockchain evangelist
Other: 46 y.o., 25 years of management experience

Alexander Kulagin

Role: business strategy and development
Exp: Serial entrepreneur, co-founder CRYPTANIA, fintech investor, automation of buildings and cities
Other: 38 y.o., 12 years management experience


Abdelkrim Belhia

Finance and investments
Experience: 25 years in the financial sector, top manager in Societe Generale, RBS, BSI, Edmond de Rothschild. Global strategy of business development implemented in 65 countries.
Other: More than 20 years of assets management, strategic financial planning.

Reuben Godfrey

International development of the product
Experience: business development, finance and operations roles for major multinationals and start- ups in the tech, telecoms and pharmaceutical industries globally. He has an advisor to numerous successful ICOs.
Other: Co-founder the Blockchain Association of Ireland, Ireland's Crypto Coast, the Irish Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia and member of Committee to ISO TC 307.

Jason Hung

Blockchain Consulting
Experience: Serial entrepreneur, investor in mobile business, blockchain ecosystem, digital marketing, AI and ERP related business. PeopleSoft and JDE solution head in Greater China.
Other: More than 20 years proven track record on managing RD, IT, sales, consulting service with 9 technology related patents which using at more than 2000 Apps.

Dan Khomenko

Listing strategy
Experience: Entrepreneur, Director of crypto consulting group “Platinum Listing”, A high quality expert in the fields of financial, marketing, blockchain and exchanges.
Other: Has worked for the largest financial organizations in the Asian Pacific Region as NAB and MLC investment group as product and business development.

Max Unger

PR and marketing
Experience: Australian cryptocurrency investor and advisor. Working closely with ICO’s for more than a year, he has used his background in business development to help projects with marketing, PR, and token economics.
Other: Has worked with Restart Energy, IPSX, Micro Money and others.

Khareem Sudlow

Experience: Crypto-currency trader, blockchain enthusiast, entrepreneur with over 3 years trading experience. Has successful track record with business development & FinTech.
Other: brings over 10 years IT/Telecom experience and has worked with many fortune 500 companies within the Media/Entertainment space.