Cross-Chain Interaction publication case

Cross-chain technology: a rival or a pillar of blockchain platforms?

Why cryptocurrency market is going dead-end and how cross-chain technology can help to find the way out
Jun 14, 2019

Free e-book
Free e-book
Everybody heard about a blockchain, but what is a cross-chain?

  1. Opportunities for money making available for everyone. Light technologies, including IoT and smartphone nodes.
  2. Direct exchange of any cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. Without centralized exchange platforms.
  3. A secure digital asset portfolio management solution. Portfolio volatility corrected by checks and balances.
  4. True decentralization. Consensus algorithms preventing pooling.

What you will learn:

  • Which functions of the blockchain are advantages and which are not?
  • What is needed for decentralized technology to truly conquer the world?
  • What cross-chain technologies exist today and which of them are the most promising?
  • What is quasi-decentralization and why do cryptocurrencies are susceptible to it?
  • Other interesting facts. Download the free e-book now!