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DAG is good but Rated DAG is better

DAG is a solution to the problem of blockchain scaling
Jun 1, 2019

Have you ever heard about a directed acyclic graph? Decentralized projects of the last generation apply it instead of blockchain network architecture.

When blockchain platforms have grown, their consensus algorithm became inefficient. They try to synchronize a large number of nodes processing tons of data. As a result, transactions became slow and expensive. Developers of new projects understood that they have to split the chain. DAG is a solution to the problem of blockchain scaling that allows parallel computing.

EVEN goes further. Rated DAG is a directed acyclic graph that takes nodes’ ratings into account. The algorithm chooses leaders based on a rating with regard to disseminating information to the network at the moment the consensus is computed. The algorithm uses the memory of the network state and the transaction dissemination history.

The Rated DAG algorithm is horizontally scalable, so as the number of network participants rises, the number of transactions will also rise in direct proportion to the growth of the EVEN Network.

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