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EVEN Network Community Campaign

The review of current opportunities and objectives.
Nov 7, 2019

community campaign
community campaign
We launched our community campaign in the spring of 2019. It includes airdrop, bounty, and referral rewards. With the help of large airdrop channels and active bounty hunters, tens of thousands of people have joined us.

We surveyed our community and found out that many of you have long and deeply been interested in blockchain technologies. According to a survey of 436 participants in the summer of 2019, 60% already had some tokens, and more than 70% had cryptocurrency savings.

We are glad that we managed to attract many people who mine cryptocurrencies. According to the same survey, 60% of our community are mining, or used to mine in past, or going to mine crypto.

When testing our network in October 2019, the fact was confirmed that the technical level of the community is quite high. About 200 people were able to run nodes on the command line and complete transactions.

Thus, our community is developing and we will develop our marketing program accordingly.

Reduce inefficient rewards

At the beginning of the campaign, we needed to attract a large number of people. Therefore, we issued an airdrop of 1000 tokens, we did not strictly monitor referral faking. The company develops, the first versions of the product release and we are already attracting the attention of the market. We need to increase the effectiveness of the community campaign.

  • Airdrop reduction. From spring to November, the airdrop decreased 10 times, from 1000 tokens to 100. Until the end of the year, it will be reduced to 30 tokens. In May 2020 the airdrop program stops.
  • Reduced rewards for simple bounty tasks.

  • Ban for violation of the rules without the possibility of account recovery:

    • One person should not create multiple accounts;
    • You can't send the same links as confirmation of the completion of bounty tasks;
    • You can’t send someone else’s links as confirmation of completing bounty tasks.

We have user fraud tracking tools. We started using them in August and are applying further. For fair users, this is good news. You can be sure that cheaters will not receive extra tokens and will not dump them, lowering the price of your well-earned tokens.

Building expert community

  • We increase the number of “smart tasks”. When testing the network, many told us that completing technical tasks helped them understand the blockchain design. We will continue to develop together with our community. The network will become more complex, new opportunities will appear, and it is you who test them first. We will be adding more technical and creative tasks, including video reviews and articles.
  • We differentiate rewards for high-quality performance of tasks. Depending on the size of your audience and the quality of your materials, you can start earning more tokens in the bounty program. Stay tuned for new bounty tasks!
  • Our referral program encourages leaders of active communities. You get tokens both per sign up of referrals and per their bounty tasks. Currently, the most amount of referral reward is allocated to the bounty tasks. For example, if your referral recorded a video and received 1000 tokens, you also get 1000 tokens.

Current Opportunities to Earn Tokens

  • Airdrop: no more free tokens since May 2020.
  • Bounty: up to 3000 tokens can be earned at the moment, new bounty tasks appear almost every week.
  • Referral program: tokens per referral sign up and per their bounty tasks.
    • Requirement: referrals must pass KYC.
    • 4-tier referral program
      referral program
      referral program

Referral program terms

Start date: June 1 2019

End date: not specified

Referrer is a person who owns the referral link and invites another person.

Referral is a person who was invited by another person.

Referral program applies to all users who have created accounts on EVEN website. You have an individual referral link, which you can use to invite other users to register in the system.

The conditions of the referral program are the following.

  1. For each first-tier referral, referrers receive 100% of the EVEN tokens which referral acquired during bounty or airdrop campaigns.
  2. For second-tier referral, that is, the participant who registered on the recommendation of the referral of the first tier, referrers receive 20% of the acquired tokens.
  3. For third-tier referral, referrers receive 10% of the acquired tokens.
  4. For fourth-tier referral, referrers receive 5% of the acquired tokens.

The referral program applies only to airdrop and bounty tokens acquired by referrals. Any referral program reward will be allocated to referrer only when referral passes KYC procedure. The conditions for tokens acquired as airdrop and as bounty reward are different.

Here are examples:

  1. Your 1-tier referral Bob received 100 airdrop tokens and 200 bounty tokens. He still did not pass KYC. You have 0 referral bonus.
  2. Then Bob has passed KYC. You received 100 bonus tokens for his airdrop bonus. But you didn’t receive any bonus for his bounty tokens as he was not verified at the moment of his bounty activities. Bob will receive all his tokens anyway.
  3. Bob continues to perform bounty tasks and earns 1000 tokens. You receive additional 1000 referral tokens for his activity.

To invite referrals, use only those links that are in your personal account. These links contain unique tags that the system uses to identify your referrals. Any user who followed your link and registered in their personal account will eventually appear in the list of your referrals. When registering on your link, the referral will receive airdrop, 100 EVEN tokens.