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EVEN plans for the near future

What are we going to do with the platform, products and the token.
Mar 2, 2020

EVEN plans
EVEN plans


Many community members request an exchange listing. The EVEN team did not plan to list the token soon since we believe that the token demand is determined by a platform and product releases. But we take community interests into account. We will list the token on the exchange for which the community will vote, on the following conditions:

  • The community will choose an exchange that is ready to list an EVEN token.
  • If there is a fee for the listing on this exchange, then we launch a crowdfunding campaign that should bring the required amount.
  • A community-owned ERC20 token will be published on the exchange.

Voting will be held after the March token distribution. Listing dates will be determined after voting, crowdfunding campaign and negotiations with chosen exchanges.

EVEN platform and native token

We have already released a testnet at the end of 2019. In private demonstrations to our business partners, the ability to store not only transactions but also files aroused a lot of interest. Now we are finalizing the next version of the platform, the release of which is scheduled for spring 2020. We expect that a native token will be released on it, consensus algorithms and smart contracts will be implemented.

Service for promotion outside the crypto community

Outside the crypto community, the demand for the experience of bounty hunters in promotion is growing. While many bounty hunters are interested in reducing the risks of participating in the bounty and in obtaining a more precisely defined reward. Therefore, we develop a service for bloggers, companies and even individuals who would like to promote their content. They will purchase tokens at the market rate from the community and spend them on the services of bounty hunters.

The service users will also have the opportunity to earn tokens themselves and spend on promoting their projects. Thus, such a service will allow small channels to reach an audience without any expenses.

Other products

After the next release of the platform, we are going to continue working on products for the mass market. The community will be offered to vote on options including a multi-currency wallet and distributed file storage. Crowdfunding will be opened to finance the development of these products.

We continue to negotiate with various organizations. We research the field of logistics, automated document management, backups in a distributed network, DLP and the transfer of confidential documents between organizations. Some of these products and projects can be implemented in the first version of the EVEN network, which has already been released.