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Frequntly asked question on KYC

Read this article before you apply to KYC
Jul 5, 2019


Why is KYC required?

KYC approval is required for EVEN tokens withdrawal

When should KYC be taken?

Any time, but before the first EVEN token withdrawal

How regular should KYC be taken?

Only once, before the first EVEN token withdrawal

How long does it take to proceed KYC?

It takes up to 20 working days to proceed KYC for bounty participants. In case of additional control the KYC verification period might be increased.

Who has the term priority for KYC verification?

The most active bounty participants have more term priority than others

Citizens of which countries is not applicable for KYC?

Citizens of USA, Canada, North Korea, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and all unrecognized states are not applicable for KYC.

Are there any age restrictions for KYC?

Applicants with under 18 are not to be approved by KYC.

What language should be the documents in for KYC?

Languages with the basic Latin alphabet languages are required for KYC documents.

What should be the quality of photo for KYC?

Photo must be high-quality and unedited. Don't crop or apply watermark or any sort of filters to the photo.

Is it possible to upload the same document that has been previously rejected?

NO, it is not possible to upload the rejected document. If you try to do so – you will be blocked!

How many attempts is it possible to apply after rejection?

There are 3 (three) tries for KYC submission. The account is blocked after the third rejection.

What documents should be submitted for ID verification?

Only International passport, or international ID, or international driving license which states full name and photo, date of birth and nationality and has unique number are required for ID verification.

What documents should be submitted for Residence verification?

Residential Address could be a copy of bank account or credit/debit card statements or utility bill. It must have the full address, full name matched with the name on ID. The document must have a unique stamp, or QR barcode.

What documents should be submitted for Selfie verification?

Recently taken selfie with ID card or passport or driving license is required for Selfie verification.

What if there is a problem with documents uploading

In case if uploading problems, do the following steps and send the screens to

  1. Logout
  2. Login
  3. Fill the form and select docs to upload
  4. Make screenshot before send
  5. Send the form
  6. Make screenshot after sent
  7. Try another browser, device, Internet provider etc.

How the applicant is informed about KYC decision?

Every applicant is informed by personal email about KYC results.

Are any details for KYC decision disclosed?

All comments about KYC decision are disclosed in personal accounts of the applicants.

What is a reward for KYC?

Since April 23th 2020 there is no reward for KYC.