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Start using EVEN token!

There is a way to use your EVEN token and you don't need KYC for that. Sign up to our pilot project and promote your blog, channel or group.
Feb 17, 2020

Bounty hunter
Bounty hunter
We are going to promote your channel, blog or group! You will spend your EVEN tokens for publishing bounty tasks (the example). Bounty hunters complete your tasks and earn tokens. Your channel gain an audience and become popular!

Do you have some EVEN tokens?

This is the first requirement. You need some tokens on your EVEN account which are not withdrawn yet. If you do not have any tokens, you can easily earn them completing bounty tasks and inviting referrals. Check the campaign rules.

Do you have a group, blog or channel?

To take part in this pilot project, you need something to promote. Do you have a YouTube channel, small airdrop chat or Facebook page? This is your chance to get more followers.

Limits and conditions

  • This is just a pilot project, so we track it manually. Our admins publish your tasks and check them. You get a report.
  • The first task is to publish your link to Facebook groups. Other types of tasks will be available soon.
  • Your content should be crypto-related, but you can promote other legal content soon.

Get started..