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Withdrawal FAQ

Frequently asked questions on withdrawal and token
Aug 5, 2019

Withdrawal FAQ
Withdrawal FAQ

Token Withdrawal Date

Starting on 19.08.2019 EVEN tokens are distributed on regular basis. Find the next date on official Telegram channel

Token Contract address


Decimals: 18

What is required to withdraw tokens?

  • To complete KYC.
  • The wallet has to be compatible with ERC20 tokens. For example MEW, ImToken, Trust and Metamask. Tokens can be sent to the ETH wallet address then they will be displayed in the wallet. You should add custom ERC20 EVEN token: search the token by contract address 0x2505A3C035291C05cb78cb43cff39564637E1DD9, EVEN ticker and 18 decimals.
  • Wallets like Blockchain Wallet and Coinbase Wallet do not support the ERC20 EVEN token.

How to complete KYC?

Read the KYC FAQ. There is not deadline to KYC application.

How to add an ETH address to withdraw tokens?

  • Make sure that your wallet supports ERC20 tokens and find the instructions for your wallet searching for “How to send custom ERC20 token to your wallet”.
  • Go to the Withdraw tab, enter the address and confirm it using the code sent to the email.
  • Attention! It is your responsibility to enter the correct wallet address. Read the instructions for your wallet.

Are there any minimum and maximum limits for token withdrawal?

There are no minimum and maximum for the first withdrawal. Starting from your second withdrawal you cannot request less than 500 tokens. Please accumulate more tokens and make withdrawal later.

Do I need to make a deposit or any payments to withdraw the token?


How will the distribution of the token happen?

In the Withdraw tab, the date of the token distribution is published. All withdrawal requests received before the date will be processed starting the given date. The distribution may last several days depending on Ethereum network congestion.

You withdraw the total balance of your account to the withdrawal date.

It is possible to cancel the application and submit it again.

Can I continue to earn tokens after withdrawal?

Yes, the bounty, referral, and airdrop programs are ongoing. Therefore, you can get more tokens and withdraw them.

Will distribution events take place again?

Distribution events are planned regularly.

When will the token appear on exchanges?

We are negotiating with exchanges, but there is no listing date yet. We also plan to launch our decentralized exchange.

What is the token price?

The rate is planned to be as 30 EVEN / 1 USDT in case of the initial listing by EVEN Foundation.

Will there be an ICO / IEO?

It is not planned yet, but it is possible.

What is the total supply?

We are going to issue the number of tokens that is necessary for distribution in the community. Since there is no decision about the token sale, there are no plans to issue additional tokens yet.