Fast and Secure
Decentralized Exchange Platform

Protected from a 3rd party with high liquidity

EVEN Private Token Presale is Live!

2950230 tokens sold
Token price
0.1 USD per EVEN
100 000

per second


trading tools



up to 100%

ROI for master-nodes
for 12 months

$2B have been lost since 2013 in the market
of crypto currency exchange — EVEN solves this problem

Problems of market


  1. Non-secured storage
  2. Non-transparent for traders
  3. Could be affected by the 3rd party


  1. Low-speed
  2. No professional trading tools
  3. Low liquidity


Fast and secured DEX platform with collateral deposit, operating on its own blockchain and is completely preserved from a 3-rd party
The speed of its operation is comparable with like international payment systems as VISA and Master Card. It allows traders to use typical tools as in CEX

Key benefits

Low commission fee
~0,12% exchange fee
0% transaction fee
High speed
100 000 operations/sec.
Secured from the 3rd party
Security is provided by blockchain technology and collaterals, which would be used if there are any financial losses
High liquidity
Achieved by: agreement with market-makers, referral program, low commission fees and safe operating in professional environment
Referral program
Leads to a huge number of loyal clients, who bring in new traders to the network
100+ advanced trading tools
It operates on own platform, sustaining 100 000 operations per sec, with more than 100 advanced trading tools

How it works

In the basis of DEX there is a collateral distributed storage

  • Order book is located in P2P-Network
  • Infrastructure is provided by the net of master-nodes
  • Storage is run on Decentralized Security Deposit (DsD) algorithm and safety is provided by collateral deposit in EVEN tokens, paid by master-nodes.

Solution analysis

Name Transaction
Transparency and
Convenience Participators’
financial interest’
EVEN High Complete High High High High
DEX Variable Not enough Not enough Average Not enough Low
CEX High Low Low High Low High

Scalable business model of EVEN platform

DEX will have an open-source code. External services can use EVEN’s platform and Open API for their purposes. Platform users can create tokens, smart contracts, store their digital assets in EVEN
Anyone can organize a financial service using all the advantages of the platform: speed, storage,
0% commission fee for transfers, creation of tokens and smart-contracts

Platform opportunities

Open API
The platform has an open API that allows external services to use the entire platform functionality to solve their own tasks
Collateral Destributed Storage
The storage ensures the safety of the participants' assets and can be used by any services that must guarantee the safety of funds to those from whom they receive funds
Tokens emission
The ability to issue their own tokens and list them on the exchange before the ICO
Order book
Order book is located in the p2p network and allows to use it to place your own orders
Possibility to organize a decentralized escrow and other tools related to financial technologies and any other solutions requiring the participation of the third party as a guarantor of the transaction
Master-node infrastructure
Possibility to use the ready master nodes network to solve infrastructural problems

Use cases

  • EVEN Remittance — money transfers with low commission fees using the partner network formed by EVEN DEX
  • EVEN Pay — plastic cards, with automatic conversion of crypto currency into the national currency
  • EVEN Escrow is a service which guarantee the execution of transactions between two parties with the involvement of decentralized arbitration
  • EVEN Trust is a lending service


of the master node
platform for everyone platform
for everyone
profit fromevery transaction profit from
every transaction
Income for contribution to the network
Master node — provide infrastructure
for exchange order
~ 0,2%
in 12 months
~ ROI 100%

Launch Prototype in Q3 2018

Exchange &
in Q3 2018

Token sales

Economy of EVEN token
  • At the Token Sale stage 680 000 000 EVEN tokens will be emitted according to ERC20 protocol
  • Token Sale will be in progress within 4 months
  • All emitted tokens will be stored in Ethereum smart-contract based wallet
  • At the final Token Sale stage, all the unsold tokens will be eliminated, any further emission will be restricted by the protocol
  • After the launch, each token will be exchanged for 1 EVEN
  • MVP
  • Beta
  • Open API
  • License
  • Card

ICO Structure

Soft cap
Hard cap
Stage Share Bonus Funds raising
Pre Sale
Private (01.04-01.10.2018) $2700 K
Structure of expenses
  • $ 7М — R&D and Software Solutions
  • $ 4M — Staff budget
  • $ 2M — Operations expenses
  • $ 14M — Marketing (attracting participants)
  • $ 7M — Legal (obtaining a stock exchange license)


Prototype: Q3'18
MVP: Q4'18
Q2 2017
Idea and concept
Q3 2017
of the concept

White Paper v 1.0
Q4 2017
of development
Q1-Q2 2018
Token sale
Q2 2018

Obtaining a
stock exchange
Q3-Q4 2018

on stock
Q2 2019
Beta version
Q3 2019
Q4 2019

Ruslan Tsechoev

Role: technology management and development
Exp: Entrepreneur, development and management of IT projects for 9 years (Agora, B2B-Center, Digital Solutions)
Other: 30 y.o., 9 years in IT experience

Alexander Kuzin

Role: business development of the product
Exp: Entrepreneur, business development of IT products and partner networks for 11 years (Agora, AcquiroPay, Alfa Insurance)
Other: 34 y.o., 10 years in strategic development

Anton Ivanov

Role: product and marketing strategy
Exp: Entrepreneur, creation and management of products for 10 years (Agora, B2B-Center, Yota)
Other: 34 y.o., 12 years in IT

Grigoriy Mozharovskiy

Role: technical product architecture
Exp: Entrepreneur, low-level programming and architecture for 13 years Quizart, Digital Solutions, trading
Other: 34 y.o., 16 years in development experience

Shuhrat Dzhuraev

Role: legal and financial management
Exp: Serial entrepreneur, co-founder of CRYPTANIA, financial services and credits, finteсh, venture investment, blockchain evangelist
Other: 46 y.o., 25 years of management experience

Alexander Kulagin

Role: business strategy and development
Exp: Serial entrepreneur, co-founder CRYPTANIA, fintech investor, automation of buildings and cities
Other: 38 y.o., 12 years management experience


Abdelkrim Belhia
Finance and investments
Experience: 25 years in the financial sector, top manager in Societe Generale, RBS, BSI, Edmond de Rothschild. Global strategy of business development implemented in 65 countries.
Other: More than 20 years of assets management, strategic financial planning.
Reuben Godfrey
International development of the product
Experience: business development, finance and operations roles for major multinationals and start- ups in the tech, telecoms and pharmaceutical industries globally. He has an advisor to numerous successful ICOs.
Other: Co-founder the Blockchain Association of Ireland, Ireland's Crypto Coast, the Irish Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia and member of Committee to ISO TC 307.
Jason Hung
Blockchain Consulting
Experience: Serial entrepreneur, investor in mobile business, blockchain ecosystem, digital marketing, AI and ERP related business. PeopleSoft and JDE solution head in Greater China.
Other: More than 20 years proven track record on managing RD, IT, sales, consulting service with 9 technology related patents which using at more than 2000 Apps.
Dan Khomenko
Listing strategy
Experience: Entrepreneur, Director of crypto consulting group “Platinum Listing”, A high quality expert in the fields of financial, marketing, blockchain and exchanges.
Other: Has worked for the largest financial organizations in the Asian Pacific Region as NAB and MLC investment group as product and business development.
Max Unger
PR and marketing
Experience: Australian cryptocurrency investor and advisor. Working closely with ICO’s for more than a year, he has used his background in business development to help projects with marketing, PR, and token economics.
Other: Has worked with Restart Energy, IPSX, Micro Money and others.
Khareem Sudlow
Experience: Crypto-currency trader, blockchain enthusiast, entrepreneur with over 3 years trading experience. Has successful track record with business development & FinTech..
Other: brings over 10 years IT/Telecom experience and has worked with many fortune 500 companies within the Media/Entertainment space.