EVEN Exchange Demo

System requirements
Windows 7 and later are supported, older operating systems are not supported (and do not work).
EVEN Exchange Demo sreenshot
Low commission fee
0,1% exchange fee
0% transaction fee
Secured from the 3rd party
Security is provided by blockchain technology and collaterals, which would be used if there are any financial losses
High liquidity
Achieved by: agreement with market-makers, referral program, low commission fees and safe operating in professional environment
High speed
200 000 operations/sec.
Open API
The platform has an open API that allows external services to use the entire platform functionality to solve their own tasks
Referral program
up to 25% cashback
Leads to a huge number of loyal clients, who bring in new traders to the network
Our partners
The University of Blockchain & Investing Master Ventures Blockchain Forum BBay Token Fundation Linkbox Foundation Thrupny