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EVEN develops multiwallet

EVEN Wallet is a decentralized multicurrency wallet. Users securely and confidentially store and manage digital assets with EVEN Wallet. They have full control over their assets and can recover lost access keys.

EVEN Wallet supports the most popular crypto-currencies and tokens: Bitcoin; Litecoin; Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, EOS, Dash, Stellar, Dogecoin; Peercoin; Blackcoin; Pivx; Decred; Gridcoin; Gamecredits; Faircoin; Syscoin etc.

The wallet will be available in web browsers and on mobile platforms.

The implemented technology

The basis of the multi-currency wallet is a unique algorithm of Proof-of-Safe-Deposit (PoSD), developed by the EVEN Foundation team. The algorithm implements a Deposit mechanism, which ensures the correct operation of the network nodes according to the rules of the Protocol.

The advantages of the EVEN Wallet

  • Exchange of digital currencies for fiat money.
  • Decentralized storage and exchange of digital assets.
  • Decentralized encrypted p2p group chats.


  • 12-word master seed to manage private keys and restore access to the wallet.
  • Safe storage secured by the Deposit.
  • Restore access to stored funds if the private key is lost.

Product features

Transfers via chat, email, phone number

EVEN Wallet makes it easy to send funds via chat, email and phone number. This is the first solution on the market which allows transferring of digital currencies to persons who do not own cryptowallet. When transferring funds, the system creates a wallet for the addressee and asks to confirm email or mobile phone before sign in. Transfers of assets within the EVEN blockchain are instant and commission-free.

Anonymous transactions

The EVEN Wallet app implements anonymous transfers using the mixing algorithm. The technology operates as follows:

  • The sender transfers the assets through the distributed storage, the amount is divided into hundreds of parts and sent to different master nodes of the EVEN network.
  • Each master node is informed about the payment address via a secure private channel.
  • Master nodes direct the distributed funds as it was intended.

If the master node violates the conditions of consensus and sends funds to another recipient, the incorrect transaction becomes public, the Deposit of the misbehaved master node is withdrawn and sent to the recipient.

Anonymous p2p chats are created on the basis of an encrypted p2p channel that allows sending crypto assets and messages with the possibility of deletion.

Secure transactions

On the basis of EVEN Wallet users can make secure transactions and smart-contract without writing a single line of code. Users will be able to conduct transactions safely, even if there is no trust between the participants. They can set specific conditions of transactions when making a payment.

For example, a user can send a payment to a special address that is accessed by three users. To withdraw funds from this address it is required the consent only of two of them. So the transaction can be conducted with the participation of an independent arbitrator who settles the dispute charging a commission.

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