EVEN Exchange Demo

Enjoy secure trading on a protected and decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. You will not lose your money, even if the platform is hacked or compromised by third parties.

Download and install our Desktop-application and also subscribe to the system update to keep abreast of the latest releases of the EVEN software.

System requirements
Only 64bit binaries are provided for OS X, and the minimum OS X version supported is OS X 10.9.
Low commission fee
0,1% exchange fee
0% transaction fee
Secured from the 3rd party
Security is provided by blockchain technology and collaterals, which would be used if there are any financial losses
High liquidity
Achieved by: agreement with market-makers, referral program, low commission fees and safe operating in professional environment
High speed
100 000 operations/sec.
Open API
The platform has an open API that allows external services to use the entire platform functionality to solve their own tasks
Referral program
up to 25% cashback
Leads to a huge number of loyal clients, who bring in new traders to the network